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Jorden Pearce


My name is Jords and I am a qualified Early Childhood teacher. I have been in the profession seven and a half years. I have worked in various year levels. My full time positions led to work in classrooms from kindergarten to year two. I have since worked as a casual teacher across primary school classrooms up to year six. 

I am passionate about my job - being creative, making resources to enhance student learning, creating engaging and age appropriate programs, creating aesthetic and engaging spaces full of love, working alongside other passionate professionals, connecting with families and guiding students in their learning journey.

Whilst I am passionate about my job, I have been able to come up with an exit strategy and withdrawing from my responsibilities in the classroom to follow up with other passions I cannot ignore, and to achieve a lifestyle that allows me more freedom with my time.

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What is Managed Manic?

A community of fearless women who are seeking ways to improve their overall wellbeing - beginning with self-care.

Managed Manic – Are there two better words to describe day-to-day life? Besides the external pressures of life and ticking off everything on our to-do lists, we have the internal pressures we often try and keep under wraps – living up to the values, beliefs and expectations underpinned in our culture and society. To make others happy and achieve a reputation of being a ‘good’ parent/colleague/friend/daughter/professional/person we fail to set boundaries and expectations and settle for a life we don’t particularly want. We settle because we believe that is just ‘how it is’. We live for small pockets of time with our loved ones, such as a weekend or the one week of annual leave we have coming up. Yet, we have to get through 5 days a week feeling overwhelmed, burned out and perhaps even unfulfilled before we can achieve that peace and happiness. So many of us get stuck in the toxic cycle of choosing unhappiness because stepping into the unknown or making a change seems daunting.

I am here to tell you, you are entitled to set your own rules and decide what your future looks like. We are in 2024 - we have resources, we have opportunities, we have choices!

This journey I am on has inspired me to reach out to other women who are looking for ways to ‘manage the manic’ of life. I want to help them achieve things they thought were impossible so that can find peace, live in the moment and have the freedom of choice in regards to what their future looks like.

If Plan A isn’t working for you, let’s talk about the steps we can take to work towards your dream life. It’s not an overnight process, but it is a process you can enjoy and a process which compliments your wellbeing in every way.

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