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Jorden Pearce


My name is Jords and I am a qualified Early Childhood teacher. I have been in the profession 7 years. I have worked in various year levels. My full time positions led to work in classrooms from kindergarten to year two. I then worked as a casual teacher for six months across primary school classrooms up to year six. 

I am passionate about my job - being creative, making resources to enhance student learning, creating engaging and age appropriate programs, creating aesthetic and engaging spaces full of love. 

After 7 years in the industry, I am slowly withdrawing from my responsibilities in the classroom to follow up with other passions I cannot ignore. 

Head to my blog page to read further about my journey and what it's all about! 

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What is Managed Manic?

The beginning and the future, of teacher wellbeing.

Managed Manic – Are there two better words to describe classroom life, moreover a teacher’s life? When I reflect on my 7 year career as a teacher, this is a perfect summary of my day-to-day life.

My experiences, love and knowledge of teaching have led me to the undeniable desire to create a platform supporting the talented, selfless, inspirational, driven professionals in our world that are often taken for granted – our teachers.

Not only will I utilise this platform for raising awareness of the wonderful work teachers do daily, I will also provide content that teachers can reflect on and relate to in order to help them feel supported and connected. Further, I want to provide them with the tools and connections they need to look after themselves, just as they do their students.

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